Union Budget 2019 Had Been So Popular Till Now in India. Why ?

Union Budget 2019

Modi government is ready to announce its last budget before the Lok Sabha elections. Union minister Piyush Goyal can present the budget in absence of Arun Jaitley. Keeping in mind regarding the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Modi government is predicted to bring some cheer for middle-class with an aim to woo voters with the most focus being on farmers.

Although farmers are focused, roads and transport is additionally a key sector within the budget. India has one amongst the biggest road largest road network of over 56.17 lakh kilometer comprising National Highways, Expressways, State Highways, Major District Roads, different District Roads, and Village Roads.


  • One-time package for completion of comes from NHDP that have currently been combined with the Bharatmala Pariyojanato completion of long-unfinished project. This package ought to be added to the outlay for Ministry of Roads Highways and Transport (MoRTH).


  • Founder of ‘NavAlt solar Boats’ Sandith Thandasherry has demanded to scale back the GST and subsidy within the shipbuilding and boat manufacturing sector. Thandasherry quoted in com, “Major price of the solar boat is marine grade metal batteries that are being imported. till the technology is developed in India, the govt. ought to create a policy to produce an exemption of import duty of marine grade metal batteries”.


  • The trade has been facing problems with GST e-way bill. The hardship on account of constant has been inflicting disruptions in generating constant and availing of credit on a similar is so affected. although rationalization on a similar front is already current, a lot of on a similar front is predicted as this may profit MSMEs within the easy doing business.
    According to a report in Z Business, the road & transport ministry has demanded a 30 percent hike in funds. Last year, the Modi government in their full budget allotted Rs 1,34,572 crores to the transport sector that was additionally the best in uncomparable.


  • As per a report in com, the road transport ministry doubtless to urge Rs 71,000 crore allocation within the forthcoming budget. The ministry has demanded Rs 95,000 crore from the ministry.
    Industry body FICCI has demanded to chop down the duty on rope propelled transport by 5 percent. the fundamental customs duty applicable to rope propelled transport solutions is 10 percent. Rope-propelled urban transport solutions have an application in many government initiatives like new metro Policy 2017, good town projects, last mile connectivity, Mass public transit Systems (MRTS) for non-metro cities within the country etc., says an NDTV report.


  • The Centre is probably going to create a most expected announcement on midland waterway transport (IWT) transport, together with ‘Jal Marg Vikas Project’ (JMVP) on the stream Ganga on National Waterway 1 between Haldia and Allahabad. In 2018-19, government minister Arun Jaitley allotted Rs 5.97 lakh crore for infrastructure development which has roads, railways, airports, ports and midland waterways.


  • A CNBCTV18.com report says, that the agricultural schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSAY) is probably going to induce usual raise within the fund allocation to more push the agricultural infrastructure. In 2018, the government allotted Rs 19,000 crore for development of roads in rural and backward areas beneath the PMGSY.

Union Budget 2019

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