Propose Day Feb 8, 2019 – Best Tips to Propose your love

Love season has begun from 7th February with the terribly 1st day of Valentine’s week i.e. rose day. when giving a rose to your loved one, it’s time to propose day (8th Feb). Well, if you’re getting to propose somebody this Valentine’s day then, we’ve got brought some tips for you which will provide you with confidence for expression what you’re feeling for your love.

However, one will propose to their love or crush on any date or any time, however proposing on a special occasion can become unforgettable for a time period. So, why not Propose day 2019!

You all have seen in many films that however a hero knee right down to propose her actress, generally, it works and typically, actress throw the ring on actor’s face.

To save yourself from such embarrassing things, we’ve got brought tips for you.


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Check out some tips that ought to detain mind whereas proposing to your lover:

1. correct homework

Before meeting to your love or crush, do correct schoolwork that what you would like to mention whereas proposing your loved one.

2. Work on your dressing sense

The first impression that leaves on other’s mind is what we have a tendency to wear. Therefore, dressed properly however don’t overdressed. Wear those colors that please to eyes like red, black, white, blue etc.

3. Don’t forget to shop for a gift

Well, it’s for both man and girl to require a gift whereas getting to meet your love. However, every day throughout the love week has its own significance, but, still, you must take one thing special for him/her.

4. Take the correct ring

For proposing your love, a ring is the best way to express your feelings. arrange yourself that however can propose your lover through a ring.

5. Be confident

Last however not the least factor that mustn’t be forgotten whereas proposing your love that you simply ought to be confident and additionally what you’re an expression to him or her is 100 percent truth.

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