Finding a Possible Cure to Your Depression at Work

Finding a Possible Cure to Your Depression at Work

Chances are, individuals who have a demanding job responsibility, have depression. Well, it could be you or your co-worker. Whether it is a quarter-life crisis, catapulting depression, deadline burnout, doing long shifts or simply working in the same workplace for years, you cannot just come out of it with a little confidence and willpower. Let’s face it; you need much more than this.

According to a recent study, it is found that every one in five working women (17%) and one in eight working men (13%) suffers from depression at work. Yes, you can always take some time off on a vacation until inspiration hits. But, how long and how many times? You got to accept that no matter what you do, there is a point of saturation in everything. Here’s how you can manage in your workplace while you dealing with depression;

Realize the Signs

You feel tired almost all the time. Even talking to your colleagues seems to take a tremendous effort.  You find hard to concentrate. Alongside morale, productivity is compromised. These days you are taking more time to get the things done. And deadlines don’t motivate anymore. Instead, they give you more stress. If you are recognising any of these changes in yourself, then not only you, but also your work is at stake and you need to pay serious attention.

Bring a Change to the Scenery

Sometimes bringing a change to the office scene makes a lot of difference. And when internet connectivity lets you to be productive from almost anywhere, you can sit outside and breathe fresh air while working. Like the online course platforms offer their students the liberty to study virtually anywhere. You too can arrange for such a set-up, at least for a few days. Additionally, you can repaint the office or change furniture here and there. You can add some decorative pieces of interest to get rid of the boredom.

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Don’t Stop

Just the time when you feel to quit and hibernate somewhere, stop and think! When you realize signs of depression, you must try to act calmly. If you think that the same ambience is bothering you, then arrange for official meetings outside the premises. Why not consider arranging for walking meetings? A quick soccer or badminton game break in the middle of work can relax your mind. Ask your colleagues or employees to join. This way you can maintain a harmony.

Think of the Accomplishments

Sometimes thinking of your accomplishments can suddenly give you motivation. Think about the achievements that your companies have gained because of your leadership qualities.  When feeling low, get back to the basics. Remind yourself of how you started and where have you come through all these years.

Talk to a Thoughtful Peer

Of course, there will be advisors to consult about the company matters. But talking about your depression to someone needs a lot of courage. Just don’t beat drums and tell everyone about the situation you are going through. Instead, talk to one or two, whom you think are sensible and thoughtful. They will not only help you deal with your personal issues, but will also guide you on how to continue with your status of a leader. If you want, then get connected with smart and creative thinkers who will engage your mind and will inspire you.

Make To-Do List

When you know that you cannot create a dent in greater initiatives, you might just want to take care of the more tactical, but less inspiring tasks. And that’s absolutely okay. No matter what kind of task you have in the to-do list, you will still feel productive once the constant work pressure is off. Once you successfully tackle your less tedious jobs, the sense of accomplishment driven will leave you hungry for more.

Free-Form Writing

They say that writing is a form of expression for the introverts. While this cannot be denied completely, it is half truth anyway. Free-form writing has always been a tried and tested trick for motivation, be it for an introvert or an extrovert. Professionally or personally, penning down something that no one else is reading is incredibly liberating. Put aside your concerns about what your audience wants or how good your writing is. Dump everything that’s on your mind on a paper or Microsoft Word and de-clutter your brain.

However, all of these tips might not be applicable for everyone. But trying them at least once is no harm.

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