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Beware of the Investment Trap! Your Hiring Process can Let You Down  

In a competitive climate, where talents are constantly looking for better opportunities in terms of salary and position, attracting and retaining efficient employees is the Holy Grail. And in an attempt to reach that place, tempting proposals and offers are often kept in front of the candidates before someone else steals the one away.

However, in a hiring process, both sides should come prepared to the table. By preparation, it means with due honesty, patience and awareness. Else, it can be difficult to avoid taking wrong decisions, leaving long-term impact. Let’s have a look how you can avert such situations;

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

You would like to cuddle a purple unicorn, but know that this isn’t happening in reality. Companies looking for an individual who has a wide range of skills and can manage works single-handedly, they need to have some reality-check. Similarly, candidates who are claiming to be one of them can end up burning out themselves. The job listings should be realistic to attract real candidates.

Since hiring starts with job description it needs to show the position’s requirements and responsibilities. Better not to mention anything that is unpractical. Else the candidate wouldn’t stay behind from mentioning skills that is practically unachievable, unless living in the Utopian land, of course.

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Preparing the Panel

Panel interview can save a lot of your time. Instead of conducting a series of one-on-one interviews it is better to arrange for a panel interview, where different interviewers will analyze the candidate. The total time required for carrying out other process might take around three hours, whereas panel interviews can be finished within an hour. Moreover, as there will be more professionals to interview, you can interview the candidate under so many perspectives. In short, you can assess the candidate better.

Similarly, there will be no room for personal preference. Speaking from the candidate’s perspective, a panel interview will let them have a brief idea about the team. So, it is equally important to choose a right team for the interview.

Dig for Specifies

During the interview, look for species to know how the candidates have worked in their past roles or how they are contributing in their present job responsibility. Also, see how they describe interactions with their colleagues. Additionally, other than reviewing their work samples, assign some test works. Give them instances of corporate issues to find how they react and what they do.  This will help you understand the candidate’s behaviour during any sort of crisis. Misconceptions should not be formed based on the candidate’s education credentials.

It’s a No-No to Gut Decisions

Interviewers should have a valid reason to find a person suitable for a role or vice versa. Importantly, they should not interpret free-flowing conversation as a signal for choosing anyone. One misaligned employee can even disrupt the previous efficient team. It is important to realize how the candidate will align with the company’s values. Jot down the feedback after the interview and then tally with the others so take a fair and informed decision.

Striking the Right Chord

A hiring process will be successful only when the employee and the employee are satisfied. While you are taking the interview, the candidate evaluates you too. You must have your value proposition ready in order to deliver on that to the hires. Being an interviewer you should never misrepresent the company.

Also, when making a hiring decision on rush it never works out. Candidate, initially, might seem good enough, but that turn out to be completely different. Significantly, the new hires shouldn’t just do the work; they should love the job as well. And the employers need to provide a comfortable work environment, including essential tools and other necessary support to show that the company is there to appreciate them.

Having said that, every employer or interviewer makes mistake once in their lifetime when hiring a new employee. If you ever do that, make sure that you act quickly instead of succumbing to the situation. If the new hires are not fit for your team that doesn’t mean that they won’t be productive for others. So, you should free them to let them find a better match while you move on.

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