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Amazon Quiz Answers Today For 22th July 2020: Win Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Quiz Answer

Amazon Quiz Answers, Amazon App Quiz Contest Answers, Amazon Today 22th July 2020 Quiz Answers

Amazon India has an interesting daily Amazon Pay Quiz Contest where all the users can answer amazing questions. Also, they stand a chance to win exciting prizes and great offers. The Amazon Quiz Answers which is set for July 22 2020 is live now, and the quiz winner will be eligible to win Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Amazon quizzes provide the opportunity for all the participating users to win exciting cash prizes. These prizes range from free amazon products like different electronic gadgets and direct cash to Amazon Pay balance. Check out the questions and the respective answers for today’s Amazon quiz

Amazon Quiz Answers:

Today’s Amazon Quiz Information

  • Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Amazon Quiz Date: July 22 2020
  • Amazon Quiz Time: 8am–12pm
  • Winners List Declaration Date: To be announced

Amazon Quiz Answers- Prizes and odds of winning

Win Fender Acoustic Guitar that will be given in this Amazon Quiz contest. The probability of winning depends on the number of eligible entries that answer all the attempted questions correctly. Eligible entries are the ones that satisfy the whole eligibility criteria given in the mobile app and also follow the steps in the ‘Details of the Contest and How to Enter’ section. 

How to Play this Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Today’s Quiz Contest Terms:

Amazon Fun Zone
  • Step 1: This quiz is for Amazon users, so we suggest you download & install the Amazon Android or iOS app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store respectively.
  • Step 2: Next step is to open the Amazon App & register into your Amazon Account if you are a new user. Otherwise you can use the existing account.
  • Step 3: After the registration, login to your account. Go to the homepage and scroll down and click on Offers > then Amazon Quiz 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Step 4: Next step is to click on the Amazon Quiz Banner & start the quiz by tapping start.
  • Step 5: You have to answer the given five questions correctly in the Daily Amazon Quiz section in order to be eligible to win the exciting prizes.
  • Step 6: After today’s Amazon Quiz questions, if your answers are correct, you will then be eligible for the Amazon Quiz winners lucky draw.
  • Step 7: The announcement of the Amazon Quiz lucky draw prize winners is on the winners list. The dates are declared on the amazon app! Answer the quiz and have fun!

Amazon Quiz Answers Today [22th July 2020, 8AM To 12PM]

Answer The Questions and Stand a Chance to Win Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Q1. In which Indian state is ‘Rewa Solar Power Plant’, one of the largest single-site solar power plants in India, located?
Ans- Madhya Pradesh

Q2. CBSE has partnered with which tech giant to deliver courses on digital safety and online well-being?
Ans- Facebook

Q3. Dharma Chakra Day, celebrated by Buddhists all over the world, commemorates which of the following?
Ans- Buddha’s first sermon

Q4. Which famous rapper recently claimed he is running for President of Unites States in 2020?
Ans- Kanye West

Q5.  Which Indian boxer has recently become World No. 1 in the 52kg weight category in the AIBA rankings?
Ans- Amit Panghal

Amazon Quiz: Winner Announced for the Yesterday’s Quiz

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Amazon OnePlus Nord Quiz

Q1. Which generation mobile network does OnePlus Nord has?
Ans – 5G

Q2. Which processor powered Nord?
Ans – Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

Q3. What is the name of the OnePlus Community?
Ans – Red Cable Club

Q4. How many cameras does Nord have?
Ans – 6

Q5. What does OIS stand for?
Ans – Optical Image Stabilization

Amazon Fast & Up Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Q1. What is the name of the product range by Fast&Up?
Ans. Terra

Q2.As per the video, what is the name of the product?
Ans. Fast and Up Active Greens

Q3. As shown in the video, Fast&Up Active Greens has which of the following blends?
Ans. Alkalizing – Detox – Antioxidant – Cellular Defence

Q4. As in the video, what is the best way to have Fast&Up Active Greens?
Ans. Scoop – Shake – Sip

Q5. Fast&Up Active Greens has how many superfoods in one scoop?
Ans. 11

Amazon Mandela Day Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 15000 Pay Balance

Q1. Nelson Mandela day was instituted by the United Nations in 2018, to celebrate _____ years since Mandela was born.
Ans. 100

Q2. Due to his warm-hearted personality, people started referring to Mandela by what nickname or clan name meaning ‘father’?
Ans. Madiba

Q3. Which of these awards did the Indian government bestow upon Nelson Mandela in 1990?
Ans. Bharat Ratna

Q4. Finish this quote by Mandela: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use ________’?
Ans. to Change the World

Q5. What was the name of the autobiography of Nelson Mandela published in 1994?
Ans. Long Walk to Freedom

Amazon Sony Soundbar Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Sony Soundbar

Q1. What Does The Acronym XB In WF-XB700 Stand For?
Ans. Extra Bass

Q2. The Maximum Battery Life Of WF-XB700 With Carrying Case Is ______ Hours.
Ans. 18

Q3. 10 Minutes Of Quick Charge Offers 60 Min Of Playback Time On WF-XB700.
Ans. True

Q4. What Does IPX4 Ratings In WF-XB700 Stands For
Ans. Both 1 And 2

Q5. Which Of The Following Features Are Supported By Voice Assistant In WF-XB700?
Ans. All Of The Above

Amazon Safe Travels Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 5000 Pay Balance

Question 1. In absence of which of these, a traveler won’t be allowed entry at the Indian airports?
Answer:- Face Mask

Question 2. For safety reasons, which of these is a passenger not allowed to do inside the flight?
Answer:- Eat/consume food

Question 3. How many check-in bags are currently allowed for domestic air travel in India?
Answer:- 1

Question 4. For air travel, the passengers are expected to self-certify their status of health using what app?
Answer:- Aarogya Setu

Question 5. At airports across the country what color bins have been installed for disposal of used masks, gloves, tissues etc.?
Answer:- Yellow

Amazon World Emoji Day Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Jeremy Burge, the creator of World Emoji Day, founded which of these websites in 2013?
Answer:- Emojipedia

Question 2. Released way back in 1997, which was the first phone known to contain a set of emojis as part of its typeface?
Answer:- J-Phone

Question 3. Which famous museum hosts the original 176 emojis as a part of their permanent collection since 2016?
Answer:- New York Museum of Modern Art

Question 4. Which of these emojis was named the 2015 Oxford Word of the Year?
Answer:- Face with tears of joy

Question 5. The 2017 film ‘The Emoji Movie’ is set in which fictonal town?
Answer:- Textopolis

Amazon Coupon Carnival Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 2000 Pay Balance

Question 1. You Can Now Get Additional Discounts On Products Listed On Amazon.In Over And Above Their Existing Price. Using Which Of These Offering Can You Avail This Benefit?
Answer:- Amazon Coupons

Question 2. The _________ Is An Ongoing Event On Amazon.In, Which Offers Coupons Giving Additional Discounts On Over 750,000+ Products.?
Answer:- Coupon Carnival

Question 3. Till When Is The Coupon Carnival Live On Amazon.In?
Answer:- 19th July

Question 4. Which Of The Folloing Is NOT The Correct Way To Reach To Coupons Page On Amazon?
Answer:- Sharing Story On Instagram

Amazon Pay Gift Card Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Question 1.  Which of the below can you use to send an Amazon Pay Gift Cards to your loved ones?
Answer:- All of the Above

Question 2. You can purchase each of the below denominations of Amazon Pay Gift Card, except?
Answer:- Rs 9

Question 3. Which of these can you NOT choose when you send an email/ digital/ online gift card?
Answer:- Physical box it gets delivered in

Question 4. Amazon Pay Gift Cards CANNOT be used to pay for
Answer:- A gold bar

Question 5. The Amazon Pay Gift Cards store does NOT include cards for which of these occasions?
Answer:- Full moon day

Amazon Microsoft Thin & Light Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 12000 Pay Balance

Question 1.  Which of the following features describe Modern PCs?
Answer:- All of the above

Question 2. Modern PCs can be thinner, lighter & sleeker if they are configured with SSDs.
Answer:- True

Question 3. Microsoft laptops are compatible with Windows Ink if they are ________.
Answer:- Touchscreen enabled

Question 4. What is the ideal z-height if a laptops needs to be considered as ultra slim?
Answer:- less than or equal to 19.9mm

Question 5. Select the features which are applicable for Modern PCs.
Answer:- All of the above

Amazon Stand for Handmade Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 20000 Pay Balance

Question 1.  Which initiative by Amazon focuses on revival of Indian artisans and women entrepreneurs from economic impact of COVID-19?
Answer:- Stand for Handmade

Question 2. What does Amazon Saheli represent?
Answer:- A program supporting products made by women

Question 3. Which of the following is true about Stand for Handmade initiative?
Answer:- All of the Above

Question 4. Where is the Ajrakh art form widely practiced?
Answer:- Bhuj

Question 5. Where did the Banarasi weave originate from?
Answer:- Varanasi

Question 6. What type of material is used to make Dhokra idols?
Answer:- Metal

Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Question 1. What is the name of the newly launched online exclusive water purifier?
Answer:- Aquagaurd Marvel

Question 2. What are the different water sources does this purifier support in providing healthy water? (Hint: sources are given in the video)
Answer:- All of the Above

Question 3. As per the video, what are the benefits of drinking copper enriched water?
Answer:- All of the Above

Question 4. In the video, how many stages of water purification does Aquaguard Marvel has?
Answer:- 7

Question 5. Choose the feature that makes Aquaguard Marvel different from the rest of the Eureka Forbes water purifier range? (Hint: watch the video for the answer)
Answer:- Active Copper

Amazon Philips Shaver Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Question 1. As per the video, how many micro-cuts can a manual razor give you in a single shave?
Answer:- 25-30 Micro-Cuts

Question 2. Philips Electric Shavers reduce Nicks and Cuts by what % versus a manual razor, according to the video?
Answer:- 90%

Question 3. Which of the following is NOT a feature of Philips Electric shavers launched in 2020?
Answer:- Dispenses hair growth oil

Question 4. What is the tagline in the video?
Answer:- Don’t cut the skin, cut the hair

Question 5. What does 5D Comfort Cut Technology do as mentioned in the video ?
Answer:- Follows your face contours for a comfortable shave

Amazon The July Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 5000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which author born on July 31st, also wrote under the pen name ‘Nawab Rai’ and was known as Upanyas Samrat (Emperor among Novelists)?
Answer:- Munsi Premchand

Question 2. National Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India on July 1st, on the birthday of which famous Indian?
Answer:- Bidhan Chandra Roy

Question 3. On July 16th 1969, Apollo 11 was launched carrying the crew of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. Where did the launch take place?
Answer:- Cape Kennedy

Question 4. On 6th July 2003, who defeated Mark Philippoussis to claim his first Grand Slam singles title?
Answer:- Roger Federer

Question 5. This annual observance on July 14th in France, is formally known as La fete nationale. How is it more popularly known throughout the world?
Answer:- Bastille Day

Amazon Microsoft Modern PCs Quiz Answers

Answer the Questions & stand a chance to Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which of the following features describe Microsoft Modern PCs?
Answer:- All of the Above

Question 2. Microsoft Modern PCs with SSDs are light & sleek in nature.
Answer:- True

Question 3. Microsoft Modern PCs are __________.
Answer:- 2-in-1 convertible or detachable

Question 4. Which of the following in Modern PCs is NOT powered by Windows 10?
Answer:- Siri

Question 5. What kind of hard drives are used in Microsoft Modern PC’s?
Answer:- Both 2&3

How To Play Amazon Quiz Contest?

  • 1. Download Amazon App
  • 2. Open App
  • 3. Scroll Down And Click On Quiz Banner
  • 4. Click On Play Now
  • 5. Give Above Answers And Play Quiz
  • 6. And Chance To Win Exciting Prizes

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